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Generating documentation #

One of the final steps to Creating a Reusable Component is writing the correct documentation, in the form of component.json and component.md. The Electrode team has automated this step for you, using Electrode-Docgen. This is a custom metadata extractor for the Electrode framework. The commands have been built into the tasks of <your-awesome-component>/gulpfile.js:

const tasks = {
  "demo": ["generate", "server-dev"],
  "demo-iso": ["dev-iso"],
  "generate": ["generate-metadata", "generate-documentation"],
  "generate-documentation": () => exec(`electrode-docgen --package ./package.json --src ./src --markdown components.md`),
  "generate-metadata": () => exec(`electrode-docgen --package ./package.json --src ./src --metadata components.json`),
  "prepublish": ["npm:prepublish"],
  "preversion": ["check-cov"]

Simply run the commands below to auto generate the necessary docs:

To generate metadata:

$ gulp generate-metadata

To generate documentation:

$ gulp generate-documentation

Or, to run both simultaneously, you can just run:

$ gulp generate

Now that we've run our tests and they've passed, let's publish our component so we can use it again in Your-Awesome-App on NPM. You will need to sign up for an account if you do not have one and follow the steps in the NPM documentation.

Let's continue to build more by creating our own Hapi server plugin, incorporating routes and adding some awesome CSS modules.