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Get Started

Electrode Environment Setup Requirements:
* Latest Node LTS binary (at least v4.2 required), tip: use nvm to manage your nodejs versions. * npm v3 - Install the latest npm version npm install -g npm

please checkout requirements docs for detailed setup instructions.

Quick Guide #

Are you ready to build your first Electrode App?

Please make sure to have all the environment requirements ready & setup before proceeding to the next step.

First, install Yeoman and the Electrode Generator

$ npm install -g yo gulp generator-electrode

** NOTE: You may need sudo depending on your machine permissions. **

Make a new directory for your awesome app, then generate your new project:

$ mkdir your-awesome-app
$ cd your-awesome-app
$ yo electrode

Fill out the Electrode App generator with your information:


Run one simple command to start the server. Presto!

$ gulp dev

Now open localhost:3000 in your browser to access the app. Hello Electrode!

Project Structure #

Let's take a quick high level overview of our file structure and what generator-electrode gives you out the box. Read through our What's Inside section for a more detailed description.

  • client/

    Contains your client side code and our favs, React, Redux + CSS modules.

    • app.jsx

      The entry point for the client. It contains powerful Electrode modules that we will leverage as we build out functionality.

    • routes.jsx

      The shared routes between client and server are defined here for use with react-router.

    • components/

      This is the folder for your React components. We love React and how it helps us to manage User Interface complexity. Read more in the Explore section.

    • styles/

      This is the folder for your CSS files. We will use CSS Modules: a CSS file in which all class names and animation names are scoped locally by default.

  • config/

    Your environment specific configuration files go here and are managed by the versatile electrode-confippet module, including a preset config that you can customize and extend.

  • node_modules/

    Other Javascript files contained in modules that we will use in this application, including Electrode modules that create your out-the-box Universal app. This folder is managed directy by npm.

  • server/

    Contains your server-side code. Electrode-Server gives you a powerful plugin capable of SSR out the box. Learn more in the What's Inside section.

  • .babelrc

    Where we extend our app babel configuration to allow us to use the presets and any additional babel settings.

  • .gitignore

    A file that tell git what files (or patterns) to ignore when you commit.

  • .ismorphic-loader-config.json

    A webpack loader, plugin and library to make NodeJS require work with complex files like images when we are doing server-side rendering.

  • .travis.yml

    A file where you can customize any process in the Travis default build environment.

  • gulpfile.js

    A file that stores all your Gulp configurations. We will explore this more in Getting Started: Intermediate.

  • package.json

    Contains the metadata for your-awesome-app and a list of your dependencies to install when running npm install.

  • README.md

    Info you want users to know about your app (installation instructions, licensing, contributors, etc.).

Let's continue to build by modifying our component and deploying in Quick Start: Build Component.