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First, let's quickly check your development environment. You will need to have the following set up to generate and deploy your awesome Electrode app in under five minutes:

For Development On Your Local machine #

  1. Install the latest NodeJS LTS binary in your machine. (at least v4.2 required).
    • Recommend a tool like nvm for managing NodeJS installations.
  2. Install latest (v3) of npm with npm install -g npm.
    • Note: NodeJS v6.x already comes with npm@3 by default.
    • Electrode requires npm version >= 3
  3. Install Gulp with npm install -g gulp-cli.
  4. The text editor of your choice downloaded with CLI tools installed.

We write NodeJS code with ES6 features that NodeJS >= 4.2 supports.

Gulp is a Javascript build tool that lets us automate tasks.

For Online Deployments #

Ready? Let's build.