Getting started

Building large scale universal React Web Applications

Electrode was developed as the engine that has been powering the eCommerce website since 2016.

Electrode Web is a rapid application development framework; a full stack, end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and maintaining JavaScript applications at Walmart.


Do you have 5 minutes? That is how long it takes to scaffold your first app.

Try it now!

Quick start

Development on your local machine

To generate and deploy your Electrode app and Electrode components, install the following (if you have not already):

  1. Install the node.js version 10.x.x or later

    • We recommend a tool such as nvm for managing node.js installations.
    • If you are on Windows, then universal nvm is recommended.
  2. To build an app scaffold, run the following command in your console/terminal:

npx @xarc/create-app my-app
  1. Wait for this to complete. The console will display the following with some instructions:
Created react/node webapp in directory 'my-app'
  1. Follow the instructions outlined in the console.
  2. When complete, open your browser to localhost:3000
  3. To stop the DEV server, press Q

Your new electrode app will appear as shown below.

Hello from Electrode

Important: Existing electrode users

If you are an existing electrode user, please take note of the following sections

@xarc npm Scope

New Electrode X packages are published under the npm scope @xarc, where arc is inspired by <>


PackageDescriptionCorresponding old package
@xarc/appJS server runtime support for electrode Xelectrode-archetype-react-app
@xarc/app-devdev support for electrode Xelectrode-archetype-react-app-dev
@xarc/webpackdefault webpack configsN/A




Copyright (c) 2016-present, Walmart

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0