Welcome to Electrode

Electrode is a platform for building large scale Universal React web applications with a standardized structure that follows best practices and has modern technologies built in. Electrode focuses on performance, component reusability, and simple deployment to multiple cloud providers—so you can focus on what makes your app unique.

Electrode Core

When building your React application with the Electrode Platform, you get an out-of-the-box app with defaults that make sense for the most typical use case, but if you need it, you have all of the following features ready to use with available options.

  • Everything you need to build a Universal React application with ES6 and JSX.
  • Prime support for building and sharing reusable React components.
  • Styling with CSS Module using [PostCSS].
  • Writing and running Unit Test with [Mocha], Karma, and [PhantomJS] or [Chrome Headless]
  • Highly optimized Server-Side Rendering for your React App
  • Build a Progressive Web App out of box


Introducing Sub-apps, a powerful way to express small pieces of code as independent applications in the context of an uber main application. Sub-apps are just components, and if React is used, a React component. The goal is to not limit subapps to a framework, but at the moment React is the primary focus. Sub-apps help developers breakdown complex web applications into small units for them to be independently maintained and easily managed in large engineering organizations.

Subapp features

Code splittingAutomatically detect subapps and configure webpack to split your JS by subapps
ComposabilityCreate routes/pages that are composed of multiple subapps
ConcurrencyMultiple subapps will be rendered concurrently on the server to compose your page
Lazy loadingDynamically lazy load and create multiple instances of subapps on a page
Initial PropsAutomatically retrieve initial props before rendering subapps
Async data fetchUse React suspense to enable single pass async data fetch within components
Server Side RenderIndependently enable server side render for each subapp
ReduxAutomatically facilitate, initialize, and hydrate SSR data using Redux
React RouterAutomatically setup component routing using react-router
Hot module ReloadAutomatically support Hot Module Reload during development

electrode frontend components

Frontend Components

electrode is based on these technologies and understanding them is essential for working with electrode.

NodeJS server runtime
HapiNode.js Web framework
ReactUI library
ReduxUI state management
BabelJavascript transpiler
WebpackAsset bundler
PostCSSCSS with Javascript
ESLintJavascript linter
KarmaTest Runner
MochaTest framework

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